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Best Places to See in Germany

best places to see in germany berlin brandenburg gate

Set between the Alps and the Baltic Sea, Germany is a country with striking natural beauty and exciting modern cities. Germany was once the central part of the Roman Empire and has made plenty of contributions to the world. Today it remains a European economic power. American citizens who wish to visit Germany can currently do so without applying for a visa. However, the EU will launch the ETIAS travel authorization system in 2021, and US travelers will be expected to apply online to obtain an ETIAS for Germany. The European Travel Information and Authorization System, ETIAS, is a step toward security and border control. American nationals will simply have to complete the online ETIAS form with their personal details, passport information, and travel plans.

If you are thinking about traveling to Europe, Germany is a country to seriously consider. It has an alluring scenery: river valleys, the Alps, dune-fringed coasts, and forests. Besides the surprising natural beauty, some of the best places to see in Germany are its large, modern cities buzzing with technology, culture, and art.

EU Visa Waiver for US citizens visiting Germany

What to See in Germany?

Germany is the seventh-largest country in Europe, and one-third of the land is still covered in forests and woodlands. The country is home to Berlin, one of the most fascinating cities in Europe. Though, there are hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Learn more about the best places to see in Germany.


best places germany reichstag

The world’s capital of techno, Berlin has several clubs that feature top artists. Berghain, a former power plant, hosts large parties with high-quality musicians. Berlin has a ton of activities for visitors and locals and the perfect blend of history and modern-day Germany. You might want to stop by Brandenburg Gate Museum that presents 300 years of Berlin history through multimedia screens. You probably should visit Check-Point Charlie and the Wall Museum and East Side Gallery, both tell the story of a divided nation. In Berlin, you will find a wide range of restaurants, bars, and shops for every budget and taste.

Harz National Park

best places to see in germany harz national park mount brocken

One of the best places to see in Germany is the Harz National Park with Mount Brocken. Set in the north, the park is ideal for hiking and skiing. The Harz was opened in 2006 covering two federal states, stretching from a low mountain range near Herzberg, across the Harz to the northern slopes. The park offers varied ecological systems and a complex landscape with breathtaking views. One of the main priorities of the park is to serve as an education platform and a recreational area.


best places to see in germany leipzig clara zektin park

Leipzig is shaped by the heritage of music composers Bach, Wagner, and Mendelssohn. Visitors can enjoy Bach’s music at the St. Thomas Church, where the composer once served as a choir leader and is now buried. The city has historic buildings such as the Old Town Hall, while also features extraordinary structures such as the Napoleonic Monument to the Battle of the Nations and Reichsgericht. If you are a fan of the opera, this is the city to go to, Oper Leipzig has become one of the most prominent opera houses in Germany.

Rügen Island

best places to see in germany rügen island beach

Set off the Pomeranian coasts in the Baltic Sea, this is the largest island in Germany. Rügen features charming villas and romantic seaside resorts with beautiful long sandy beaches. Travelers are drawn to the Jasmund National Park, famous for its chalk cliffs that rise over 500 feet above the sea. Rügen is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Germany and without a doubt, a beautiful island. Visitors can explore by bike or on a sailing tour and enjoy the whimsical views of the sea. Every year, Rügen hosts the Störtebeker Theatre Festival that draws in more than 100,000 spectators.


best places to see in germany munich bavaria

The home of Oktoberfest, Munich is the capital of the Bavaria region. One of the best places to see in Germany, Munich is set in the south and a fantastic city to go to beer gardens. The city has many brewhouses and in the summer beer brings people together. The city is a unique blend of old and new, there are neo-classical and modern areas. There are over 80 museums to choose from, and the State Collection of Egyptian Art is a must. Munich hosts festivals all year round making it a great destination for the free-spirited.