ETIAS Application Process

Everything you need to know about the ETIAS application process. Including eligibility requirements, how and when to apply, what to do if your passport has expired or if you have dual-citizenship, ETIAS validity, and eligibility requirements for children. Find all the relevant information about how to apply for ETIAS in this section.  

EU Visas

Still not sure if you need an ETIAS visa waiver? Learn more about other European visas, the difference between them, and what to do in case you already have a Schengen visa or a permanent residence permit or long-term stay visa from a Member State of the Schengen Area

General Questions about ETIAS

Want to know more about ETIAS? This section provides the most relevant information about the ETIAS system. What it is, what impact it will have on Europe’s security, why it was created, and what is the difference between the EU and the Schengen Area.

Travelling with ETIAS

All you need to know about admission in the Schengen area under the ETIAS visa waiver system. What countries you can visit, and how Etias will improve border management and possible security checks and how to go about them. It is of extreme importance to make sure you have all the correct documentation at hand before boarding your airplane, including your ETIAS and valid travel document.