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How Will the ETIAS System Improve Europe’s Security and Border Management?

The ETIAS online travel authorization is an automated system that will help identify and assess possible risks associated with non-EU citizens traveling to the Schengen Area. Once an application is submitted, the ETIAS database will assist in determining if an applicant may compromise security or pose a migration danger before he/she goes to Europe. This will be achieved by gathering information on non-EU nationals and running it through an extensive security database that includes the Schengen Information System (SIS), the Visa Information System (VIS), Europol database, the Eurodac database, and Interpol database.

The ETIAS visa waiver follows other similar e-visa models like the U.S.’s ESTA visa waiver, among others.

ETIAS will help close existing security information gaps by collecting biometric data on visitors and also provide valuable information to the authorities of all the Member. ETIAS will strengthen both Europe’s external border policies and ensure internal security while preserving freedom of movement within the Schengen area.