Capital: Tallinn

Language: Estonian

Area: 45336 km²

Population: 1315635

Timezone : UTC/GTM 2

Currency: euro (€)

Code: +372

Electric sockets: 230 V AC, 50Hz. Type F also known as Schuko. This socket also works with plug C (standard European plug) and plug E

Estonia is a member of the Schengen Agreement, meaning that starting from late 2022, Americans will need an ETIAS visa-free authorization to visit the country.

To travel to Estonia with an ETIAS visa waiver, U.S. citizens are required to:

  • Hold an eligible valid passport
  • Have an active email account
  • Possess a debit or credit card

U.S. citizens staying in Estonia for more than 90 days:

  • ETIAS for Americans is only valid for short-term stays of up to 90 days. If you intend to remain in Estonia longer than 90 days, you must obtain the appropriate visa.

U.S. Embassy in Tallinn, Estonia

Address: Kentmanni 20, 15099 Tallinn, Estonia

Phone: (+372) 668-8100

Fax: (+372) 668-8134

e-mail: e-mail: USASaatkond@state.gov

Tourist Travel Information about Estonia

etias estonia Estonia is a mostly flat country on the eastern shores of the Baltic sea. In area, Estonia is about twice the size of New Jersey.

It is a developed country with a high-income economy and high standard of living. Estonians share close cultural ties with their northern neighbour, Finland, and the official language, Estonian, is a Finno-Ugric language closely related to Finnish, and Hungarian.

Tallinn’s medieval old town was built by German crusaders in the Late Middle Ages and is in magnificent condition, with the medieval city walls and towers almost completely intact.

Estonia is a developed country with an advanced economy that is among the fastest-growing in the EU.

Citizens of Estonia are provided with universal healthcare, free education and the longest paid maternity leave in the OECD. Estonia is one of the world’s most digitally advanced societies. You can enjoy wifi all across the country, even in the forested areas. In 2005 Estonia became the first nation to hold elections over the Internet, and in 2014 the first nation to provide E-residency.

Interesting facts

  • Estonia’s capital Tallinn is the best preserved medieval city in Europe
  • Estonia is about 50% forest and has over 2000 islands
  • Estonia has the highest number of startups per capita in Europe producing such global firms as Skype, TransferWise and GrabCAD, to name a few
  • Estonia is the birthplace of the first Christmas tree
  • They host a wife-carrying competition every year. Many European countries participate in this event. The male contestants have to carry their female counterparts and run through the obstacle course in the least possible time

Medical Information for U.S. citizens

Recommended vaccines:

  • Routine Vaccines
  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B
  • Rabies


  • 112 is the pan-European emergency number and is always free to call
  • 112 – The European emergency number 112 is the only emergency number in Estonia. 112 calls can be answered in Estonian and also in Russian, English and Finnish (in the north of Estonia). The average time to answer a 112 call is 6 seconds

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