Capital: San Marino

Language: Italian

Area: 61200 km²

Population: 33344

Timezone : UTC/GTM 1

Currency: The Euro (€)

Code: +378

Electric sockets: 230 V AC, 50Hz. San Marino’s power plugs are Type F and L.

American citizens who plan to visit San Marino without a visa must follow the current requirements:

  • Hold a valid passport issued by the United States
  • Obtain an ETIAS visa waiver online 

U.S. citizens who plan to stay in San Marino for more than 90 days:

U.S. citizens who have an ETIAS waiver can stay in San Marino for a maximum of 90 days without a visa. If they wish to stay in San Marino for longer than this limit, the traveler must apply for the appropriate visa. 

U.S. citizens who wish to obtain an ETIAS authorization can do so by starting an online application. The only requirement needed to apply is an-up-to-date U.S. passport that is machine-readable.

During the ETIAS application process, travelers will have to answer a few personal questions, as well as provide their contact information and answer security questions. Afterwards, they will need to pay the ETIAS fee in order to successfully submit their application.

The processing time for the ETIAS waiver is usually instantaneous, although it may take up to 72 hours (3 business days) if there are additional checks that need to be done. Once the application is approved, travelers will receive a confirmation email with their ETIAS. If the traveler’s application is rejected, they will also receive and email and have the chance to appeal. 

U.S. Embassy in San Marino

Lungarno Amerigo Vespucci, 38

50123, Florence, Italy

Telelphone: 055-266-95-1

Tourist Travel Information about San Marino

san marinoAlthough San Marino is one of the most underrated countries in Europe, it has plenty to offer for tourists. Located just two hours away from Bologna, San Marino is an easy day trip for tourists who are traveling through Italy.

Despite only being 61 square kilometers, San Marino has 9 towns, called castelli (municipalities). Most tourists, however, only visit one city: the capital, which is also called San Marino. Some of the most popular attractions and things to do in San Marino include climbing up to Guaita Tower or Cesta Tower; watch the changing of the guard at Piazza della Libertà; wandering through the cobblestone streets of Città di San Marino; or taking a photo at the breathtaking walkway of Passo delle Streghe. To get around, there is the San Marino cable car, which connects Borgo Maggiore to the city center of San Marino. Likewise, there is also a colorful blue train that takes tourists through the main attractions of the capital.

Interesting facts

  • The entire nation is landlocked by Italy.
  • San Marino doesn’t have any official borders (it is, after all, landlocked by Italy!), but you can buy a souvenir passport stamp at the tourist office.
  • The locals of San Marino are called Sammarinese.
  • San Marino has a statue of Abraham Lincoln in the parliament building. San Marino wrote a letter to Abraham Lincoln in 1861 to congratulate him on his presidency. Lincoln, in return, wrote a letter with praise: “Although your dominion is small, your State is nevertheless one of the most honored in all of history.”
  • San Marino was the first country in the world to establish a regular postal service all the way back in 1607.
  • San Marino residents speak two languages: Italian and Romagnol (the local dialect).
  • San Marino is the world’s oldest republic and was never ruled by a king!
  • There are two sitting presidents at a time in San Marino. Each president serves for just six months before another one is elected.

Medical Information for U.S. citizens

Recommended vaccines:

  • Routine Vaccines
  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B
  • Rabies


  • 112 is the pan-European emergency number and is always free to call.
  • 15 - Medical emergencies
  • 17 - Police
  • 18 - Firefighters

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